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The Center for Optimal Health

Integrative Medicine

The Center for Optimal Health in Orange County, California, is a Mind-Body integrative medicine center specializing in diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention, weight management, menopause / hormone replacement therapy (with expertise in bioidentical hormones) and endocrine disorders such as thyroid and adrenal diseases as well as osteoporosis.

At The Center for Optimal Health, we practice true preventive medicine – we thoroughly evaluate each individual’s risk profile using cutting edge technology and we customize a proactive program to prevent chronic diseases. We help both men and women restore hormonal balance and optimize metabolism. Our team of healthcare professionals treats the whole person: the physical, hormonal, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual aspects with an integrative approach, using the best of Western medicine and documented alternative techniques.

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Biotex Blood Draw and Specimen Collection at The Center for Optimal Health

Biotex Blood Draw and Specimen Collection is located on the premises of The Center for Optimal Health. Biotex not only serve our patients, they also welcome patients with orders from other physicians. Regular lab testing is done by Pacific Diagnostic Laboratory (PDL).  PDL is contracted with Medicare and all major PPOs.  Biotex also draws all specialty test kits including Cleveland Heart Lab. 

Biotex hours:  7am - 12 noon Monday thru Friday  949-679-8689

Jannet Huang, MD.

Irvine | The Center for Optimal Health |  949-872-2850